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The Mothercare group is comprised principally of two iconic retail brands with international appeal: Mothercare and Early Learning Centre.

The group's brands operate through three distinct channels to market: UK stores, Direct (being the in-home and in-store internet-based businesses and catalogue mail order), and International, under which the group franchises (or participates in joint venture) operations delivering the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brand retail operations in overseas markets.

Mothercare and Early Learning Centre
The Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands are synonymous with children and parenting. Both brands carry with them a reputation for specialism, quality, safety and innovation in providing products and services for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and young children. Both brands are passionate about their commitment to offering customers a multi-channel shopping environment through retail stores, catalogues and the internet, so that parents can meet the needs and aspirations for their children, worldwide.

Our global reach
The group sources the products it sells globally so as to anticipate and meet the needs of its customers. We do this by having people in our key operating countries. Whilst the principal office of the group is in the United Kingdom, it has invested significant resources in its sourcing and supply chain operations in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates so that we can better understand and serve our customers' needs. Our buying and sourcing teams develop innovative products with our manufacturers; our supply chain partners help us deliver them through our warehouses to stores around the world where finally our retail and customer teams deliver specialist service to our customers. This specialist knowledge and service differentiates us from the competition thereby enhancing the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands.

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Helping parents is at the heart of what we do and part of every business decision we make. We also realise that we can have an indirect involvement in helping parents and their children, through various charity and community partnerships.

We implement our community engagement and charitable work through three separate initiatives:

Born to Care

In October 2010 we launched our three-year global partnership with Save the Children - Born to Care. We are working towards raising £1.75 million over the partnership, to support Save the Children's work to reduce childhood mortality around the world, and to lift children out of poverty in the UK.

So far we have raised over £1 million and are well on our way to meeting our target of £1.75 million. It's a shocking fact that every year more than 8 million children die before reaching their fifth birthday ? many from easily preventable or treatable conditions such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. Despite living in the fifth richest country in the world, millions of children in the UK are growing up in poverty. It's hard to believe but there are many children in the UK who don't have a bed to sleep in.

At Mothercare, we can't think of two better reasons to support Save the Children's work - their values are intrinsically linked to ours. Our DNA is about caring for parents, and nothing is more important to them than the well being of their children. Our Managing Director for the UK, Mike Logue, said: "Mothercare Group and Save the Children are committed to giving children the best chances in life - from growing up in a safe and protective environment to ensuring they have access to nutritious food and quality healthcare. For this reason, in October 2010, we launched Born to Care, our global partnership to raise £1.75 million to help children in the UK and around the world. During the first year, the partnership has gone from strength to strength, with events taking place across the UK, Hong Kong, China, India and Bangladesh."

We started our partnership with an initial donation of £50,000 and this provided direct support to a project aimed at supporting migrant mothers and their babies working or living in Shanghai. Save the Children's global presence has helped us engage our Sourcing Offices in India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and China. All of our fundraising activities in our stores and offices (both in the UK and overseas) will be focused on raising money to meet and hopefully exceed our £1.75 million target. Douglas Rouse, Corporate Partnerships Director at Save the Children, said: "The fact that Mothercare group will be supporting our work at home and abroad, in areas important to their staff and customers, is something we are incredibly excited about. By aligning our common purpose we will work together to improve the lives of mothers and their children across the world."


Whether it's the pram you were pushed in, the gift you've bought a friend's newborn or the toys you've bought your own child, Mothercare is a brand you and your family have trusted. Our stores are an established favourite on the UK high street and we're now pushing to expand across the world - which is where you come in. Your talents and your skills are just what we're looking for. We already have a presence in over 50 countries but we're determined to do a lot more. So if you think you've got what it takes to excel in our global company, find out more about us, search our current vacancies and apply today.


Featured Company

Team @ Mothercare

  Simon Calver was appointed Chief Executive of Mothercare plc on 30th April 2012. He was recently CEO of Lovefilm, the online DVD and Digital Entertainment company, now part of Amazon Inc.

  Dominic Lavelle was appointed Interim Finance Director of Mothercare plc on 23 July 2012.

  Mike was appointed Managing Director to the UK business in August 2011. Previously Mike was on the Operating Board of ASDA/Wallmart.

  Jerry Cull is Group International Director and joined Mothercare in 1993 as a Regional Manager.

  Tim Ashby was appointed as Group General Counsel and Company Secretary in May 2010, moving to Mothercare from Yum! Brands, Inc..


Life @ Mothercare

I've been here for six years now. What struck me about Mothercare is that it is truly a user-focused company - design, innovation and specialism lie at the heart of what we do. No week is the same in design at Mothercare because it's governed by where we are in the development of a particular product or the stage we're at in what we call the buying calendar.
Paul Walker
Design Manager, Home and Travel
I've worked here since 2003 - starting as a buying assistant and working my way up. Mothercare's such a respected brand and they invest so much into helping you to become the best you can be. The atmosphere is buzzy and creative and you get the feeling that we're all pulling together to get great results. I'd definitely recommend it to a friend.
Kate Harper
Buyer, Outdoor Toys
There are 196 countries in the world and the Mothercare Group has a presence in 56 of them. What's exciting for me is the chance to break into new markets, bringing the Mothercare and ELC brands to parents all over the world. It's great to be involved in bigger projects as well - our Far Eastern franchisees work with parenting groups and health authorities to provide some of the best workshops retail has to offer; and our Middle Eastern partners are trail blazers in national car seat safety education.
Cheryl Clifford
Group International Development Manager
For me, Mothercare's been an incredibly friendly and supportive place. I've had a lot of opportunity to build my career - courses and training have always been freely available. Actually, I've just completed the ‘Emerging Leader Programme', which is held over nine-months and aims to prepare me to move up in the company.
Giles Stone
Senior Merchandiser - Pushchairs
As a place to work, Mothercare couldn't be better. Everyone's friendly and supportive and you just get so much opportunity to get on. They want you to challenge yourself and succeed. And as long as you're tenacious, ambitious and can patiently work through problems, you'll definitely build a great career here.
Michelle Noyes
Knowledge Management for Customer Care
What makes Mothercare stand out in retail is that we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We're a specialist retailer in a niche market, so we need everyone to have the right focus to succeed. The company makes that clear for everyone through the DNA and the training that it gives all employees.
Margaret Kirkpatrick
Regional Manager
From working here I've realised that good communications skills are a must. You need to understand what your team need from you, whether it's training, coaching or development, and make them feel valued as an integral part of Mothercare. It's this commitment to its employees that makes this a very different and special place to work.
Bobby Fatemi
Assistant Manager - Brent Cross
The best thing about working here is the respect that people have for each other. I'm seen as the expert in my role, people value my opinion and, consequently, it's very easy to take pride in what I do. My colleagues are outstanding as well. You genuinely get the feeling that people care for each other and are trying their best for the company every day.
Harry Patel
Reporting Manager - UK Trading & Central Costs