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Xenomorph is a successful and innovative software company working in financial markets, specializing in the development of systems to help its clients capture, cleanse and analyse key datasets such as market data and instrument reference data. Risk, trading, quant research and IT staff use TimeScape, Xenomorph’s analytics and data management solution, at investment banks, hedge funds and asset management institutions across the world’s main financial centers.

High performance data analysis combined with data transparency, data quality and ease of use

The origins of our expertise and technology can be traced back to the development of a high performance time-series database platform for Bankers Trust in 1995. Faced with the need to be first to market client quotes for complex derivatives on baskets of equities, bonds and foreign exchange, Bankers Trust worked with Xenomorph to develop our XDB temporal database. The system combined the best in high performance data analysis with data transparency, data quality and ease of use - principles which form the basis for the company’s work today.

A unified and consistent approach to data is vital for financial markets institutions

Following our initial work on historical time series analysis, our XDB temporal database has evolved over the years into TimeScape. TimeScape encompasses the high performance capture, cleansing, storage, integration, audit and analysis of reference, historical, real-time and derived data. One key feature of TimeScape is its future-proof data model, which supports any financial asset-class from the simplest instrument to even the most complex of derivative or structured product. With the unified approach to the management of both data and analytics that we have taken, our clients are able to utilize centralized, high quality and consistent data throughout all of the risk, trading, finance and back-office systems, enabling them to adapt and better cope with both the challenges of changing regulatory needs and an evolving business environment.

Xenomorph was established in 1995, has offices in both London and New York and is a privately owned company. Xenomorph is proud to have served our clients in financial markets over the past 14 years, and believes there is much more to be achieved in the field of analytics and data management. We look forward to helping our clients face the present and coming challenges of real-time trading and risk management across all asset classes.

Recent Events

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Tuesday 13th May 2014 at Convene (formerly Sentry Centers), New York
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Friday May 9th, 2014 at Microsoft New York, 11 Times Square, New York, NY 10036
A-Team Data Management Summit, London
Thursday 6th March 2014 at the America Square Conference Centre, London

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Team @ Xenomorph Group

  Chris is Chief Technical Architect for Xenomorph and one of the founder directors. Chris is responsible for technical architecture and product evangelism within Xenomorph.

  Matthew is MD EMEA for Xenomorph Software Limited and is a founder director of the Company. Matthew controls and monitors the financial and operational activities of Xenomorph.

  Brian is CEO of Xenomorph and one of the founder directors. He is responsible for setting and managing company strategy.

  Mark is Consultancy Director for Xenomorph Software Inc. Mark specialises in managing customer implementation projects and co-ordinates Xenomorph’s partner activities in the Americas.

  Naj is Managing Director of Xenomorph Software Inc; responsible for managing Xenomorph's operations in The Americas.


Life @ Xenomorph

As a market leader, Xenomorph offers a challenging place to work, the product is continually evolving, as a result we have to maintain a structured but flexible approach in order to deliver a quality product. In addition, the team are great to work with, and the size means there are always opportunities to expand my knowledge.
Martin Johnson
What I enjoy most about working for Xenomorph is the fact that no day is ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges on a variety of different projects.
Misbah Nazir
Good people making for a good atmosphere and as office manager I get to do many varied things which keeps things interesting.
Clare Magness
I am impressed by the management while working with the Quality and Assurance team. I also enjoy how varied and interesting the work is.
Simon Beasley
I have gained a good insight into different aspects of data analyst software. The work environment is far more relaxed than previous places I have worked which contributes to my enjoyment of coming to the office each day.
Mark Blackie
It’s great to be able to work for a company that cares so much about developing the best solutions for our clients, especially when business requirements seem to be constantly evolving, in part thanks to the never-ending regulations!"
Duncan Webster

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