About Implement Consulting Group

Implement Consulting Group is a leading Scandinavia based management consultancy company, specialised in driving strategic transformations. Their +300 consultants are characterised by having profound experience, and their competence platform covers the entire value chain - Strategy & Growth, IT & Infrastructure, Strategic Innovation & Execution, Operational Excellence and Leadership & HR - with a strong differentiator on "making change happen" - delivering documented Change with Impact.

Problems can be complicated. Solutions cannot

Implement Consulting Group focuses on helping their clients develop, plan and implement the best possible solutions. They believe that while problems can be complicated, solutions cannot - if they are, they are not solutions, but new problems. They believe that a solution is not a solution until it has been implemented and created the intended impact. And also that impact is only created through an unconditional focus on both "solving the problem" and "making it happen". To deliver on that value proposition, they work with their clients in a very close cooperation which call Collaborative Consulting.

Be ready to change

Implement Consulting experiences that its clients have an increasing need for being capable of changing faster and more frequently. At the same time, the changes needed become still more complex. This is not a coincidental development - as a matter of fact, they believe that the single most important future success parameter is to be "agile", i.e. being constantly ready to change if necessary.

Subject matter expertise and deep insight into creating change

This creates new demands as to how changes are decided, communicated, designed, managed and implemented. It also implies that the interaction between organisation and adviser/consultant is changing, which obliges Implement Consulting Group, as consultants, in relation to how they work and, not least, how they interact with their clients. At the same time, it becomes even more crucial for them to possess the deep subject matter competences which they believe make a difference in complex projects. Their trademark is to link deep subject matter expertise with a just as deep insight into how change is created.

Vision / Mission Statement

Implement Consulting Group is in the business of making change with impact. Crafting business possibilities and opportunities that get implemented. Solving problems so they stay solved. Implement finds that this happens when the company truly combines their clients' knowledge with their own expertise. And carefully adapt best-practice solutions to match the capabilities and unique challenges of the clients' people and organisations. Therefore, Implement engage with their clients on the basis of a mutual commitment to creating sustainable impact. Implement call this collaborative consulting and they have applied their approach to thousands of projects in most industries over the years. The results are clear: faster change with greater impact.


Change & Effect
Change with Impact
Den Refleksive Leder
Dit Engagement
Lean I Ddanske Virksomheder
Lean Innovation
From A to B
Power I Projekter Og Portefølje

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Featured Company

Team @ ICG

  Niels Ahrengot is Managing Partner in Implement Consulting Group. He is the co-founder and has been with Implement since it started in 1996. Niels is senior advisor for a wide range of global companies on strategic transformation.


Implementation Principles

Five implementation principles

Implement Consulting Group's way of working is guided by five principles: authenticity, importance, effect, energy and people. These principles set a new standard for change management. And they are a significant part of the concept of collaborative consulting.



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